Some of us worry about Glucosamine side effects weight gain. It has been reported that continuous use of Glucosamine supplements for a long time may cause weight gain. Despite these claims, there has been no proven relationship between weight gain and Glucosamine side effects.

Does Glucosamine Side Effects Weight Gain?

There are claims that some people who used Glucosamine supplements for 2 years or longer gained 15 to 20 pounds more weight. This is without any lifestyle or dietary changes. However, the relationship between the side effects of Glucosamine and weight gain has not been established by any studies or research.

On the other hand, Glucosamine is a simple sugar and may may cause insulin to work inefficiently that may cause sugars to build up in the blood. This is why diabetics are warned not to use these supplements as it may aggravate their condition.

Understanding  How Glucosamine Side Effects Weight Gain

For us to understand Glucosamine further, it is a compound created during the process of converting carbohydrates into energy which is known as glycolysis. This means Glucosamine is involved in the conversion of sugar to energy. Some studies show that Glucosamine may increase the risk of insulin resistance. Therefore, those who are taking medications that affect the blood sugar and those with hypoglycemia and diabetes are advised to refrain from taking Glucosamine.

Other Side Effects

In some rare cases, Glucosamine was reported to cause palpitation, rapid  heart rate and  increase blood pressure temporarily. It may also add to the risk of bleeding so those with high blood pressure and bleeding disorder should refrain from taking Glucosamine supplements.

We should also check if the Glucosamine supplement comes with Vitamin C as most of them does. Too much Vitamin C inn our body can also lead to serious complications. Glucosamine supplements may also interact with medications used for diabetics, acetaminophen and teniposide. Glucosamine may also cause internal bleeding if used with medications used for chemotherapy.

Pregnant women or those who suspects to be pregnant and nursing women are advised not to take any Glucosamine joint supplements. The effect of Glucosamine to the fetus in the womb and to the quality of the breastmilk from the mother has not been studied yet. Until further research has been made, it is better to refrain from taking the drug.

Glucosamine As Relief From Osteoarthritis

Glucosamine supplements are not only used to help humans with the pain associated with osteoarthritis. It is also used to help our pet dogs to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis. There has been studies that proved Glucosamine to effectively reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Although there has not yet a research about the efficacy of Glucosamine when used for a long time, most patients are satisfied with its results.

Among the many medications for osteoarthritis, Glucosamine has very little side effects. There has been no fatality associated with the use of the supplements. How  Glucosamine side effects weight gain is not definitive and no evidence can prove that it does increase weight.

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